Sunday, April 16, 2017

Growing and thriving

Our sweet Michael is now well past the 7 month mark and quickly approaching 8 months. His sisters love him like crazy! He is trying many new foods, sitting up on his own, and making us all laugh with his many fun noises, babbling, and grunting. We love him so!

Below are some pictures from today, Easter Sunday. I feel so very blessed today for this family of mine, for God's faithfulness in bringing Michael into our family after stepping out in faith over 2 years ago and the wait that followed. And most of all, so deeply thankful for the death and resurrection of Jesus and that I get to teach my kids about Him!

Our official court date to finalize Michael's adoption is in just over 3 weeks, on May 8th! 
We are so excited for this day when he will officially become a Sportel. :)

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